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Lalcocoa Matunda™

Lalcocoa Matunda

Selected yeast for post-harvest cocoa processing.
Saccharomyces Cerevisiae type.
Capacity to resist high temperatures and relatively low pH.
Any type of cocoa varieties to enhance and reveal the varietal potential.


LALCOCOA MATUNDATM has been selected for its capacity to generate more volatiles expressing the fruity (from tropical fruits to berry) and floral notes. On some varietals and fermentation, LALCOCOA MATUNDATM can release some acidulous notes such as Raspberry or Passion fruit.
Just inoculate LALCOCOA MATUNDATM at the beginning of the fermentation of your fresh cocoa batch and you will enjoy some fine quality chocolate!
LALCOCOA MATUNDATM shows also some improvement in terms of fermentation capacity: can shorten the fermentation duration (up to 3 days less) and prevent the contamination from non-desired micro-organisms.


Rehydrate the dry yeasts in 10 times its weight of clean and lukewarm (15 to 35°C) water for 20 minutes.
Inoculate your fresh cocoa batch (or one day old drained cocoa mass) either in fermentation tank or heaped on a  plastic sheet and mix well.
Check on the fermentation state via the cut-test, once you have achieved 70% + of well-fermented beans you can go to the next step of drying.


Available in 500g sachet.