Application & Benefits

Why using LALCOCOATM Yeasts?

Fermentation in cocoa is known to enhance and improve the aroma quality. Researchers have shown that diverse micro-organisms contribute to the fine aromas. However, those very same micro-organisms have the ability to produce or enhance undesirable products that can be detrimental to the final quality of the cocoa. It is therefore important to control the fermentation through inoculation with specific selected micro-organisms.

The LALCOCOATM strains have been selected for their capacity to generate the desired metabolites – esters, terpenes, higher alcohols… Adding a selected LALCOCOATM strain to the fermenting mass will ensure a safe and successful fermentation. The yeasts reveal the aromatic potential already present in the natural sugars and precursors in the cocoa beans.

The benefits of LALCOCOATM Yeasts

Several benefits of LALCOCOATM yeasts have been validated through multiple trials in the main cocoa producer countries. Depending on the climate and cultivars, one can observe a cocoa flavor profile improvement or even a faster fermentation time. Using LALCOCOATM is not time consuming as you can just add it in your cocoa mass in the plastic sheet for fermentation on patio or directly in the wooden fermentation box.